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We believe that a well designed Performance Development System based on both Formal and Informal processes will enhance both organisational and individual performance and result in key benefits for both the enterprise and employees. Our ultimate objective and focus is to facilitate the creation of a High Performing organisation not to merely develop a "system".

Athrú Consultancy has significant experience in the design, implementation and operation of Performance Development Systems (PDS) as both HR Consultants and as Senior Line manager end users in a number of large, national and multi-national organisations

We believe that a well designed and implemented PDS that is congruent with the desired approach in the enterprise provides a vehicle that assists in consolidating and enhancing performance. It achieves this by:

  • building on all that is good about the organisation, including the systems and people, through clearly identifying and highlighting the inherent strengths that in many instances are taken for granted. This can then allow the organisation focus on what gives it its unique competitive advantage and ongoing success. 
  • providing a means of identifying and correcting issues that may be an impediment to the organisation attaining its goals and capacity for growth and fulfillment of its mission.

Athrú Consultancy also firmly believe that in many instances the "system" itself  becomes "the objective" rather than being seen only as a tool to deliver on the core objective of developing a High Performing organisation. The PDS should only be seen as an enabler to be employed to improve the performance both of individuals as well as the organisation as a whole. It is our view that an over-emphasis on the “system” poses a particular risk in “process comfortable” organisations.

In addition evidence from a large number of organisations leads to the conclusion that the introduction of such systems fails on many occasions because those involved in the process begin to see it as adding little value and at its worse can simply come to see it as a "form filling exercise".

As a consequence of the above Athrú Consultancy recognises the importance of both the Formal and the Informal processes that combine to provide the overall PDS.

Formal Process

The Formal process can be thought of as the basic "structure or framework" of the process and may be defined under two broad headings

  • What the organisation wants its people to do and
  • How it wants them to do this

The "What" is driven by the Company Strategy and Objectives while the "How" is to a large extent defined by the values embedded in the company and articulated by senior management.

Informal Process

The Informal that is closer in concept to the "lubrication" in the system. It is built around ongoing discussion and conversations which occur on an almost daily basis. This view is supported by research over recent years which indicates that the relationship between the employee and their direct line manager / team leader is one of the strongest influencers on the performance of that individual.

Successful execution of both processes requires the demonstration of key management and leadership competencies that may already exist in the company but which may require some development in order to align with the PDS and achieve the desired results.

Involvement of Key Personnel

Athrú Consultancy firmly believes that the involvement of key staff in the development of any performance enhancing framework is critical to the ultimate success of implementation. Ideally this involvement should come from a cross section of staff including those who will be assessed as well as those who will assessing. This approach provides additional pertinent local knowledge towards the design of the system as well as providing a good basis to assist with embedding ownership during the implementation of the system.

PDS Development Methodology

Athrú Consultancy follows a clear methodology in the development of an appropriate and tailored PDS for its clients. The methodology involves a number of specific stages with the output being a fit for purpose product that is ready for immediate implementation. The stages are: 

Stage 1 - Analysis of Current situation

The output of this process will be

  • A set of key views and opinions that will inform the design of the process
  • A clear sense of the values underpinning the organisation which will provide a basis to determine the desired Behaviours
  • A sense of any possible implementation issues

Stage 2 - Process Design

Using the input from Stage 1 combined with knowledge of best practice approaches Athrú Consultancy will design a fit for purpose solution consisting of both Formal and Informal Processes

Stage 3 - Identification of Implementation Methodology and Issues including

  • Training
  • "One on one" coaching for managers
  • Review methodology for PDS Process 

Stage 4 - PDS Introduction to the Organisation


Embedding High Performance
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