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Athrú Consultancy has a demonstrable record in working with individuals to help them identify future the direction of their career. We use a rigorous planning Framework that firstly allows people challenge assumptions that may be hindering them achieve their utmost and secondly which provides insight and develops actions that will deliver on their goals.

A great many individuals embark on their working lives with well founded, thought through goals and objectives and have a well developed sense of what they want to have achieved over a period of years. Similarly a significant number of others can have less well defined goals and can end up "drifting" either from job to job or even within a career where it is easier to remain with the status quo than to take proactive and in many  cases daunting steps to change their circumstances.

Both these states can be thought of a being at either end of a "Life Planning" continuum and in reality very few individuals remain at either end throughout their lives but instead find themselves at different points along the continuum at different times.

Athru Consultancy believe that it is misleading to argue that anyone is in the "wrong place" at any one time as a multiple set of events and influences can bring about the circumstances in which people find themselves.

We do however hold the firm view that it is "wrong" to arrive at a point in life solely by accident and that if people take the time to ask some very simple "honest questions" and develop their own answers that they will have a very powerful tool at their disposal.

The need to ask these questions and to develop the answers is becoming increasing important when viewed against sound-bites such as:

  • "The end of the job-for life"
  • "People will need to work until they are 70"
  • "The need for Life / Work balance"
  • "Impact of the globalised economy"
  • "The cost childcare"
  • "Increasing impact of aging dependents"

When viewed against such significant issues it is not surprising that many people feel that all their energies are taken up simply with reacting to the pressures that such matters bring.

Athru Consultancy has demonstrated through working with a wide range of individual clients that they can arrive at a point where they have clarity around where they want their career to take them.

We do this by

  • applying a Career Planning Framework that asks some simple but very focussed questions that require really well thought through and clear answers. In asking such questions we seek to have each person challenge some of the assumptions that they are making about all aspects of their lives and to prove to themselves that they are valid and deserve to be acted on or if they are invalid to recognise that they might in reality be significant blocks to their future success.

Questions such as

    • Where do you see yourself today
    • What do you want your life to look like in 1 and 5 years in the future
    • What does age 60 or 70 look like for you
    • What is realistic, What is “stretching” and "What is only a dream"
  • Helping each individual gain valuable insight into themselves though the use of appropriate Psychometric instruments that are administered by our trained personnel who are certified by the British Psychological Society. The administration and output of these instruments are controlled within very strict confidentiality standards and are undertaken on a purely "one-on-one" basis.  

Using the output from these two elements of the framework we then work with the individual to

  1. Develop future career goals
  2. Identify what will help and what will hinder the attainment of these goals
  3. Develop and agree enabling actions and strategies


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